I am writing to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the interest and support all my friends from all over the world have shown in the making of the video for the song, “Were All the Same”.

I could never have realised back in 2012 when the song was written that collectively we could achieve a truly global look and feel for a song that was written for everyone on the planet, simply, its fantastic!

The idea came about following one of the many discussions I had with my producer and we felt, if somehow we could harness the contacts I had across the world and try to involve them, then we could produce a video that reflected that, everywhere on Earth, at our essence, we really are – all the same!

I would therefore like to thank all my great friends in Australia, Denmark, France, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Panama, Switzerland, Turkey and the USA for taking time out and getting together, with real enthusiasm to contribute their film clips to the song, I hope and trust in turn you will enjoy seeing yourselves in a global video and hope you had fun making your film!

We have listed all 112 individuals (plus two pets!) who were in all the clips below, and I thank each and everyone of you for your fantastic support with all this, we couldn’t have done it without you!

The end result is this, at the end of the day we may all have different colours, speak different languages, live in different places but we all want to be happy, live in peace, enjoy life and experience love!

I hope we have achieved that message in this song for all of you! With Sincerest Regards to Everyone!

Bob Messenger

Our Sincere Thanks to the following people who made this video happen!


Bob Messenger, Louise Messenger, Phil Readman, Margaret Ann Readman, Paul Davey, Ian Crockett, Linda Crockett, Virginia Desira, David Desira, Rhonda Callus, Steve Harrison, Connie Spina, Gary Jenkins, Cathy Jenkins, Darren Kaye, Sue Kaye, Jimmy O Neil, Marlene O Neil.


Julie Mejlgaard Rasmussen, Julie Soegaard Hansen.


Carleen Van Haluwyn, Anne Lockwood, Sarah Rommens –Stuker, Françoise Roux, Christelle Marceron, Nathalie Guignard, Sandrine Garbaye, Fréderic Esplandiu, Marielle Gourault.


Jean-Yves, Yerzhan, Assel, Aigul, Ramilya, Rishat, Adel, Karlygash, Meruert.


Dato Paul Arockiasami, Murugaiya Andy, Kamisah Ayob, Siti Aisyah Mohd Salleh, Norhasniza Hassan, Nurul Syammi Hassan, Trinitas Radin, Dominic, Norlie, Selva, Vijay, Richard Santhanan, Mahendran, W Hiadfah, Amrasan, Vijiandraan.


Alana Rickets, Raquel Machado, Ruben Chen.


Rubilia C Agulan, Eusebio E Canatoy Romana, Gracia Diaz, Brendalee P Escarmosa, Frederick F Fegalan, Desiree C Laurente, Armel R Mangulabnan, Liza C Maribbay, Imeldo G Mengullo, Edna G Mijares, Jeanlyn B Mutia, Roberto C Perlado, Juffel A Poblete, Raponzil Poblete, Henry C Reblando, MA Lourdes E Regio, Mariz M Rodriguez, Marife S Samonte, Loida V Velasco, Greg M Villegas, (Pets Gabriel & Tiburtina).


Kirsten Botti, Tamara Eberle, Ursula Eigenmann, Claudia Keller, Patricia Krivanek, Christian Mohler, Orlando Turrin.


All the gang on the beach in Izmir Turkey!


Michelle Panik, Mike Mirt, Sandy Busser, Raffaela Di Vito, Nick Klintschenko, Janice Pavlinsky, Joi Sasala, Brandi Norris, Sir Rey, Fred Wegner, Lauren Smith, Diane Jones, Drew Coddington, Nelson Santos, Melissa Cook.

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